VideoAI: instant feedback from your virtual interview coach

Record your answers on video and get immediate AI-feedback with tips for what to improve. Learn to deliver your answers with confidence, get tips on body language, eye contact, and vocabulary use. Impress hiring managers and ace your next interview.


Why use VideoAI?

The best way to improve your interview performance is through practice. But practicing on your own will only get you so far. Asking friends to run mock interviews with you? We all know how awkward it is.

This is where VideoAI comes in. It’s like having a virtual interview coach in your corner. You’ll get immediate feedback, and you’ll know exactly where you need to improve. And you get unlimited takes, so you can practice as much as you need to feel 100% confident.

Plus, most companies today use AI for all stages of the job application process. What better way to beat them at their own game than using the same tools they use?

VideoAI has been co-developed with
a top career coach

Hi, I’m Pam! Over the past decade, I’ve helped thousands of people just like you learn how to ace their interviews and land their dream jobs — from under-the-radar startups to big companies like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and Microsoft.

I know all the tricks recruiters and hiring managers use, and I know exactly how to prepare you for that next interview. That’s why I developed the VideoAI tool — to make the knowledge I’ve been sharing with my clients accessible to everyone.

And this isn’t run-of-the-mill AI feedback. We’ve spent months training our AI models based on the most current hiring practices. VideoAI will not only give you feedback on your answers but also guide you through even the most difficult or uncomfortable questions you might get.

What’s inside VideoAI

Eye contact tracking

You need to master eye contact to show your confidence. But not everyone is great at making eye contact without coming across as intimidating. VideoAI gives helps you find that sweet spot.
✔️ You’ll present yourself as engaged and confident.
✔️ You won’t subconsciously lose eye contact with interviewers for too long.
✔️ You’ll be prepared for both in-person and virtual interviews.


“UMM” counter

Using “stop” or “filler” words (the “umms,” the “likes,” the “I means”) is a habit that’s so hard to control. Most of us aren’t even aware of how frequently we say things like that. Especially when we’re stressed.

✔️ Gain control over your pauses and stop words.
✔️ Learn the patterns and know when you’re most likely to use “umms.”
✔️ Get tips for what to do instead to recover your train of thought.


Vocabulary and power words booster

Some words convey your skills and enthusiasm better than others. Then, there are generic, meaningless words hiring managers hear from every candidate they interview. With VideoAI, you will:

✔️ Learn what words you should use to highlight your best skills.
✔️ See what words you should avoid or consider getting rid of.
✔️ Get vocabulary tips tailored to your industry and the job you’re after.


Pace of speech controller

It’s very easy to speak too quickly when nervous — and, let’s face it, everyone’s nervous during job interviews. The Pace of Speech tool inside VideoAI will help you:

✔️ Find the right pace of speech to deliver your message clearly, but not robotically.
✔️ Control your pace of speech even when you’re anxious and stressed.
✔️ Speak with interviewers so that the interview becomes more of a conversation, less of an interrogation.

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