Internal promotion strategy for your company

Top employees need a clear career development path to advance their careers. Otherwise, they’ll seek opportunities elsewhere.

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Why do you need internal mobility?

Without internal promotions

High and costly voluntary turnover of your company’s top performers

Low retention rate creates dysfunctional teams and destroys team morale

Harder for employees to grow if their colleagues are often leaving

75% of turnover is attributed to factors within your control, such as development

With internal promotions

Top talent doesn't need to look elsewhere to advance their careers

Shorten hiring processes to reduce expenses associated with employee turnover

Cut down on training and onboarding time so you can focus on expanding your business

Minimize the risk of hiring someone who is not a good fit

Promote from within in 3 steps

1. Define your employee development plans

You develop internal promotion plans and provide mentorship to accelerate careers of your employees. From defining the criteria for promotion to determining who is eligible.

We don’t mess with your LMS system or employee training. Once your team members are ready to take on more responsibilities, this is where we step in to help them better prepare for internal interviews.

2. Prepare your employees for promotion interviews

Internal job interviews bring higher expectations and more challenging conversations. As such, a greater level of preparation is required. Here’s how Big Interview can help:

Actionable, step-by-step lessons to get your employees ready for the interview

1-on-1 training sessions with the top interview coach (worked with Amazon, U.S. federal government...)

1000+ mock interviews to role-play different scenarios, practice answers, and build confidence

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3. You thrive as a company

Establishing an internal promotion plan rewards employees for their hard work and provides them with career advancement opportunities. This creates a positive work environment that yields results and encourages loyalty and commitment from the team.

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