Big Interview for K-12 institutions

Make career success accessible to all students

Give your students a cutting-edge tool to teach them how to apply for jobs and colleges, improve their interviewing skills, boost their confidence, and land the career of their dreams.
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700+ organizations trust Big Interview, Including:

Prepare students to thrive in the workforce

86% of organizations are conducting virtual interviews as of April 2020. 
Set your students up for success by introducing them to the essential life skills they will need to excel. Big Interview teaches communication skills, self-confidence, negotiation, and other vital workplace-readiness competencies. Ensure your students are prepared to thrive in the workforce by training them on video technology.

Inclusive career & college readiness platform

A Video and Written Curriculum for both visual and auditory learners

A Virtual Interview Practice Tool that mimics a real-life interview

Library of over 10,000 practice interview questions and mock interview practice sets for over 1,000 O*NET-specific professions

Specialized training for ELL students, students with disabilities, neurodiverse students, introverted students, and more

Closed captions in English and Spanish, as well as full translation of the Big Interview tool in Spanish 

Lessons on professional communication skills, workplace etiquette, social media presence, wardrobe, body language and much, much more

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"I would describe Big Interview as a program that I think is essential for high school students to have access to, to help them prepare for interviews and to help them prepare to talk to people. To have a program that they can access 24 hours a day seven days a week whenever they want to. That's what Big Interview is to me and it helps students get ready for a real-world interview."

Edward Clements
Bay City Public Schools

Feedback from students

"I have secured an internship placement at UBS using the techniques that Big Interview has taught me. Thanks so much for your comprehensive curriculum and I surely have learned a lot from it!"

Heynus L.

"Big Interview was a large reason why I got my job. For every single job that I applied to, I got positive reviews back and every question that they asked big interview went over so I didn't feel like anything came out of the blue and I felt so confident."

Jade W.

"You guys are great. I just got a job offer. Thank you! :)" "

Jessica B.

"I used Big Interview for my hope to work in the entertainment industry. I was accepted into a career trek where I was able to travel from my school in Indiana, out to Los Angeles to explore the entertainment industry and to make connections. Now I'll be working in that industry, so I owe all of that ultimately to Big Interview."

Lucrezia P.

"For those struggling with interviews, Big Interview has some great tips, tools and practice exercises to help improve interviews, build confidence and land that next job. We used Big Interview in our capstone course at Excelsior University and I was very impressed with the effectiveness of this platform!"

Jim G.

Big interview prepared me for a very strenuous interview process. It's a very competitive internship and I was one of three candidates chosen out of a pool of 40 and undoubtedly Big Interview prepared me for the process. I wouldn't be here today if it hadn't been for Big Interview."

Bennett W.

Personalized learning approach for your students  

Design customized assignments for your students and provide personalized feedback

Give students immediate feedback on resumes at scale (Readability, Credibility, ATS Fit, and Format — with the ability to customize it yourself)

Use a software that's easy for students to learn so they can navigate their own career journey

Integrate seamlessly with Canvas and Google Classroom, plus reporting tools to track student progress and engagement

Marketing assistance to onboard your students and flexible implementation with professional support for entire staff

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Feedback from university career centers

"Big interview offers multiple ways and opportunities to build and reinforce communication skill development in the classroom and ultimately prepare students for their future careers."

Heidi Dent
Western Carolina University

"You're looking for a solution, something to help you make things easier in your role, advising for career opportunities. Look no further than this awesome platform. Big Interview is one of the very few platforms I've ever worked with in years of education that improves every single year while the price stays very fairly priced. You can't lose."

Cory Werkheiser
College of Charleston

"This tool has been instrumental in helping my students gain confidence on how to do an interview. When we go later in the semester and they have to interview with real people, they feel that this has given them confidence. This is a great tool. I'm glad I use it and it has an impact on my students."

Peter Teitelbaum
University of Dayton

"Big interview has been great for our campus here at Radford University. It's a great opportunity for students to prep for interviews to get ready for career fairs. We've seen the number of students grow since we started with a big interview, and the usage of it. We're really excited to be a part of big interview."

Carolyn Sutphin
Radford University

Your resources are top notch! We used Big Interview with students and alumni for years. Great that you are helping those impacted!

Emily Reed Buckmaster
Drury University

"What I love about Big Interview is there's so many different types of questions students can answer to prepare for the interview. I just find it super dynamic and helpful and I know we've gotten really good feedback from the students that it was helpful for them to prepare and think through some questions and answers before they go off for real interviews."

Sharon Ross
University of Pittsburgh

How Big Interview supports counselors and teachers

Our Assignment Wizard is adaptive, making it easy to design customized assignments for students

Modify the learning experience for struggling students or those in need of extra support by offering differentiated options (including our SPED and Neurodiverse modules).

Utilize our A.I. Feedback tool to diagnose challenges and suggest areas for improvement

Review and offer feedback on assignments with our customizable rubrics

Integrates seamlessly with Canvas and Google Classroom

Flexible implementation -- Big Interview provides professional services support for entire staff

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A look inside our expert training system

Robust courses covering every step of the job search and interview process with both video and written lessons for every type of learner. Limitless opportunities to practice answering all types of interview questions in a low-pressure environment.

Our all-inclusive curriculum includes:

Interview Basics

This first module gives all the information needed on Interview Basics, covering what types of interviews to expect, what to wear on the big day, how to calm shakey nerves, and much more. See below for a full list of the available lessons.

Total of 10 Video Lessons

Videos included in this module are:

  • Making the Most of Big Interview
  • Interview Best Practices
  • Types of Interviews
  • Types of Interviewers
  • Analyzing the Job Description
  • Answering Inappropriate Questions
  • What to Wear
  • Overcoming Nerves
  • Nonverbal Communications Basics
  • How to Sell Yourself

Preparing for Career & College Readiness

We're curating training on how to prepare students for college and careers and teach a proven step-by-step process that ensures students can handle the process with ease. From how to apply, when to start networking, and how to manage their social presence, we've got everything your students need to succeed.

Total of 6 Video Lessons

Videos included in this module are:

  • How to find a job
  • How to apply for a job online
  • Managing your online presence
  • Networking 101
  • Networking 102
  • Networking 103

Resumes & Cover Letters

Give your students everything they need to create their first resume and apply to job ads with confidence. Including everything from how to format a resume to how to highlight their strengths and stand out.

Total of 6 Video Lessons

Videos included in this module are:

  • Resumes for High School Students
  • Resume Basics 1 – Format
  • Resume Basics 2 – Structure
  • Advanced Resume Writing (Persuasive)
  • How to Write a Cover Letter
  • Thank You Notes

Playbooks for Common Challenges

Some students have circumstances that may be a little different than the average job seeker. Life deals us all kinds of hands, so we've put together these Playbooks for the most common job-seeker challenges, including being a new graduate, transitioning to the workforce from the military, English as a second language, and much, much more. Expand the list of Playbooks below to see how we can help people from all walks of life overcome their unique challenges.

Total of 11 Video Lessons

Videos included in this module are:

  • Overview of Playbooks – Start Here
  • New Graduate Playbook
  • Military Transition Playbook
  • Senior Level / Executive Presence Playbook
  • Career Change Playbook
  • ESL – English as Second Language Playbook
  • Resume/CV Gap Playbook
  • Internal Interview Playbook
  • Introvert / Too Modest Playbook
  • Overqualified Playbook
  • Adult Reentry / Restored Citizen

“Big Interview helped me calmly get through the interview which later allowed me to accept the job that I had as a Security Operations Intern at Wells Fargo.”


“When students go in to use the tool, I find that they are reporting that they are advancing in their interviewing abilities because of the ‘theory’ to ‘practice’ experience. They learn the theory and from there they can actually practice.”

Career Advisor