Scale student interview feedback, without countless 1:1 sessions

Streamline your response to your students’ needs, without having to sacrifice effectiveness. Reach all of your students with our instant VideoAI feedback practice tool.

Checks for answer relevance, nonverbal cues, and presentation skills.

How will VideoAI work for your school?

If you don’t have time for in-person sessions, you can use VideoAI in place of one-on-one meetings to help students prepare for the questions they’ll get in their interviews.

But VideoAI can be used by students independently and with guidance, it’s really up to what works best for you and your students.

If you do have time for some in-person sessions, avoid students coming into the career center with zero preparation at all. VideoAI will help students eliminate basic interview mistakes so you can focus your one-on-one sessions on things that matter.

The key to scaling your interview feedback services

Step 1: Students answer interview questions

Your students can do mock interviews through a custom assignment you send them, one of the pre-made curriculums we’ve created, or by going through one of our 1000+ situation-based question sets.

Step 2: VideoAI analyzes their response

The student will get a full review of each of their answers, along with an action plan to correct their mistakes. VideoAI will check for: answer relevance, authenticity, “ums” and other filler words, vocabulary, power words, eye contact, tone, pace of speech, pauses, lighting, and volume.

Step 3: Give your own rating and feedback

If you want to add another level of guidance to the process, you’re always welcome to review your students’ recorded answers in Big Interview. Leave personal feedback and check for things like if they answered the question well, how they presented themselves, and what their nonverbal communication looked like.

What VideoAI analyzes

Answer Relevance and authenticity

VideoAI ensures your students’ answers sound compelling. It checks if your students gave a general answer or if they left out any key details. Also ensures the answer sounds fluid, not robotic or memorized from a script.

Vocabulary and power words

Our tool checks that your student is speaking smartly, without overcomplicating their points. The vocabulary score shows if that they are striking a good balance between smart and accessible.

The power words score checks for positive, confident language that will present them as more capable and engaging candidates.

Nonverbal cues like eye contact and tone

VideoAI’s features are vital for ensuring proper nonverbal communication, especially for young professionals that are often criticized for their communication skills. According to a recent survey by Intelligent, 40% of business leaders think Gen Z candidates are unprepared for the workforce. And 70% blame communication skills.

This can be even more complicated when you throw a virtual interview into the mix.

That’s where VideoAI can help. Our eye contact tracker ensures your students are looking directly at the interviewer without giving them a stare down. And the negative tone detector will let students know if they are using any language that could hurt them in an interview.

Um counter and filler words

We make sure your students aren’t filling their answers with ums and uhs. But it counts common filler words that include “like,” “so,” “you know,” “basically,” “anyway,” and similar.

According to studies, the typical speaker has 6 of these filler words per 100 words. Our research at Big Interview shows that listeners start to really notice when they hear more than 8 per 100 words.

So we ensure your students’ answers don’t have too much (or too little) of these words to make the conversation sound natural.

Lighting and volume

These are a must to prepare for the (inevitable) video interviews your students will have. You know as well as we do that bad lighting and sound could cause them to completely tank their interview.

Make sure your students check these out before their next video interview.

Presentation skills like pace of speech and pause counter

We check to ensure your students give a strong, confident presentation. Don’t let nerves ruin their answers.

The pace of speech checks to see if your students are following the most natural and engaging range of 115 to 180 words per minute. If they aren’t, VideoAI will suggest a couple proven techniques to correct it.

Our Pause Counter analyzes the length and frequency of their pauses. It’s natural to pause during conversation, so the Pause Counter score will alert your students to any issues with pausing that may be worth working on.

We understand that you have limited tools and a small staff to help thousands of students. It’s hard to get to everything and do it well.

“[Big Interview is] the complete resource for preparing for interviews. Learn how to answer even the hardest interview questions, practice your presentation and delivery, and get better with your resume. Everything you need to succeed in the job search.”

— LaQuan Norman
Director of the Ramapo Career Center

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