Career transition and outplacement services

How you treat people impacted by layoffs speaks volumes about your organization. The world is watching! Use Big Interview to help your employees find new jobs faster while protecting your brand.

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Why outplacement is so important

Without career transition support

Negative reviews hurt your company’s reputation long-term

It's harder to recruit talent if you don’t get the layoffs right

Mistreating employees deteriorates your team’s morale and productivity

Your layoff costs ramp up while revenue plummets

With career transition support

You'll help departing employees land new jobs faster

The risk of long-term negativity on your culture is minimized

Retention and productivity among remaining staff increases

You'll avoid redundancy-related lawsuits and lower your costs

Big Interview outplacement program

1. Scalable career transition support

Actionable, on-demand courses and practice sets to help departing employees update resumes and turn job interviews into job offers. Rated 4.9 out of 5 by 1,000,000 users.

2. Outplacement workshops for groups

Specialized and recurring group sessions for employees across all levels around topics that matter most (resume optimization, enhancing LinkedIn presence, etc…)

3. Individual career coaching support

1-on-1 counseling with experts helps your people identify their next step, expand their skills, overcome obstacles, and accelerate their path to securing a new role.

4. Executive outplacement service

Provide your executives and senior-level management with outplacement benefits tailored around their specific needs and challenges they’re facing.

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