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Candidates who use our interview simulator to practice job interviewing get jobs 5x faster than those who don’t. No matter if you have a week or just a few hours before your next interview. Practicing in the simulator makes sure you come prepared and deliver your answers confidently.


Why do you need to practice with an interview simulator?

You might think that you don’t need to practice — after all, you’ve interviewed before and ended up hired. But with practice you can not just land a job, you will stand out among a sea of candidates and have your choice of positions. Big Interview’s interview simulator will give you the competitive edge over most candidates who go into panic mode before their interview. With our interview simulator, you will:

Know exactly what questions to expect and have your answers ready.

Be confident in your delivery and tell hiring managers exactly what they want to hear.

Get comfortable speaking in front of a camera and ace all your video interviews.

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30-day full refund, no questions asked

Job interview simulation made fun and easy

Tailored Video Mock Interviews

Big Interview gives you a simulated interview environment which mirrors your upcoming job-specific interview.

Spans over 1000 professions across more than 100 industries.

Automated interview process tailored to your specific job role.

Personalized practice with commonly asked industry-specific questions.

ace your interview
30-day full refund, no questions asked
ace your interview
30-day full refund, no questions asked

Immediate AI-Powered Feedback

Better performance starts with understanding where to improve. But asking friends, mentors, or teachers can be super awkward. Our AI-powered Feedback gives you insightful step-by-step tips for what to do better in your interview. Practicing with a mirror will never do that for you.

AI analysis of your video-recorded answer with detailed feedback.

Scrutinizes crucial factors such as body language, vocabulary use, filler words, and eye contact.

Provides actionable improvement tips based on analysis.

Unique Answer Builder Feature

Create compelling answers, highlight your skills, and be prepared for any interview scenario. The interview simulator helps you make sure you never get caught off guard by a difficult question or a confrontational manager. No more rambling or trying to find the right words.

Step-by-step wizard to craft relevant answers.

Helps you prepare for all types of interview questions.

Showcases skills and achievements suited best for your position.

ace your interview
30-day full refund, no questions asked
ace your interview
30-day full refund, no questions asked

Comprehensive Question Library

With our vast question library, nothing can catch you by surprise. Simulate responding to questions specific to your industry, seniority level, and career situation. Go beyond generic online advice on how to answer the most basic questions.

A database of over 10,000 typical job interview questions.

Facilitates practice sessions for tough, specific questions.

Prepares you for any question that comes your way in the real interview.

Interview Simulator Co-Created with Top Career Coach

Big Interview’s interview simulator was co-created with Pamela Skillings, an acclaimed career coach and job interview expert who has helped thousands of candidates from all walks of life land their dream jobs.

Built on proven strategies and frameworks that helped people ace their interviews.

Keeping in mind all kinds of challenges and needs faced by job seekers.

Regularly updated to keep up with changing job search trends.

ace your interview
30-day full refund, no questions asked

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“Big Interview has helped me prepare for so many interviews. So many job offers. If you haven’t used this app, you really need to.” - Dayonna Thomas

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