Resume AI: Re-write Your Resume
in Minutes

Resume AI leverages the newest Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Model technology to transform your resume from generic to job-winning. Instantly.


How Resume AI Works

Resume AI is like having a personal professional resume writer in your corner — giving immediate feedback and pointers for what to improve, exactly. We’ll score your resume on key criteria: Readability, Credibility, Format, and ATS fit.

Should You Use AI to Write Your Resume?

Most companies today use AI for recruitment — Applicant Tracking Systems screen and pre-select resumes before they even reach a human hiring decision-maker. It’s only fair to let job-seekers leverage the same technology and beat ATS bots at their own game.

Resume AI won’t write a resume for you. It does something far better — provide personalized feedback and highlight the exact areas for improvement. All that in an instant.

This way, you get immediate pointers for what to tweak — using your own words, without fear of sounding machine-like.

What Resume AI Helps You Improve


There's no second chance to make a good first impression, and ensuring grammar and spelling are on point will allow users to make it through a first, important screening hurdle.

Our READABILITY evaluator uses AI to assess spelling, grammar, length, and key sections.

We also evaluate the quality of your summary statement (when applicable) and your resume’s “first impression.”


When employers read a resume, they scan for critical keywords that indicate if you’re worth interviewing. We help with key suggestions that will make employers excited to interview you!

Resume AI CREDIBILITY evaluator uses AI to assess credibility in terms of how many action words you use to talk about your work experience.

We evaluate the power words, results-focused words, skill-focused words, and competency-focused words you use. This way, your resume shows not just what you did, but how well you did it.


There are some unspoken rules in resume formatting and you need to play by them. Some creativity is allowed, but if your resume is too far off the golden standard, it might get rejected.

Resume AI FORMAT checker looks at your choice of fonts, line spacing, margins, and overall consistency.

You get detailed suggestions for how to make your resume easier to skim and more professional in the look and feel.

ATS fit

Resume AI helps you pinpoint exactly what to add or remove from your resume to make sure it bypasses the ATS bots and actually gets seen by an employer.

The ATS FIT evaluator uses LLMs to assess how closely aligned your resume is to the employer's job description.

We evaluate how it matches with keywords, skills, and competencies required by the prospective company.