Introducing ResumeAI Tool

We are excited to announce our new ResumeAI feature, which leverages the power of A.I. to help job seekers upgrade their resumes.

A sample resume analyzed by Resume AI.

How it works

With ResumeAI, we can help you give your users immediate feedback on their resume writing - and immediate coaching on how to improve.

They get guidance on Readability, Credibility, ATS Fit, and more.

ResumeAI Feedback can also be used as a complement to human assessments from staff members and/or other mentors.

Why A.I. feedback?

After nearly a decade of helping schools, workforce development and organizations prepare their users for job interviews, we realized we could do more.

Users have told us they want immediate feedback on how to improve their resume. However, we know counselors and employment specialists have limited time to spend with each individual - and that they’d rather spend time on meaningful coaching than resume basics.

Meanwhile, more and more companies are using A.I.-based Applicant Tracking Systems to screen resumes.

We think it’s only fair to empower job seekers by giving them access to the same A.I. technology so they know how they’ll be evaluated.

This is exactly why we developed our new ResumeAI tool.



Our READABILITY evaluator uses A.I. to assess spelling, grammar and length.

We also evaluate the quality of a summary statement (when applicable) and a resume "first impression".

Get a clear plan from the top interview coach in the U.S.


There's no second chance to make a good first impression, and ensuring grammar and spelling are on point will allow users to make it through a first, important screening hurdle.



Our CREDIBILITY evaluator uses A.I. to assess credibility in terms of how many actions words and keywords used to convey work experience through language.

We also evaluate power words, results-focus words, skill-focus words, and competency-focus words.


When employers read a resume, they can for important keywords that indicate if the candidate is worth interviewing.

We help with key suggestions that will make employers excited to interview the applicant.


ATS fit

Our ATS FIT evaluator uses A.I. to assess how closely aligned the resume is to the employer's job description.

We evaluate alignment with keywords, skills and competencies.


We help the candidate by telling them exactly what to add or remove from their resume to make sure it bypasses the ATS bots and actually gets seen by an employer.