Step up your school’s resume reviews

Don’t waste hours correcting basic resume errors. ResumeAI provides instant, expert-approved feedback to your students. Letting you focus on meaningful one-on-one work.

Checks for readability, credibility, format, and ATS fit.
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How ResumeAI Works

ResumeAI is like having a personal professional resume writer in your students’ corner — so they don’t need to go into the career center with every resume dilemma. Resume AI gives immediate feedback and pointers for what to improve, exactly. We’ll score their resumes on key criteria: Readability, Credibility, Format, and ATS fit.

What can your organization use ResumeAI for?

Ease the volume of requests

Whether you’re looking to ensure students have a basic resume format down before making an appointment or looking to replace a 1:1 resume editor, ResumeAI has your back. It gives your students a rating and feedback on every part of their resumes, including the next steps on what to fix.

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Help students navigate ATS

More and more companies are using AI-based Applicant Tracking Systems to screen resumes. We think it’s only fair to empower job seekers by giving them access to the same AI technology, so they know how they’ll be evaluated. With our ATS Fit checker your students will undergo the same screening they will go through when applying for internships and jobs after graduation.

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Customize ResumeAI to your school

We work with over 700 universities universities and we know no two schools are the same. Your students are unique and so are their needs. With ResumeAI you can upload different resume templates for your students, modify our pre-set scoring to fit your school’s resume guidelines, and add additional comments to the AI feedback.

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No more having to correct basic errors when a student comes in to review their resume. Your faculty and staff members might even appreciate it more than students.

Co-created with a top career coach

Pamela Skillings has helped thousands of people land jobs at companies like:

Hi, I’m Pam. Over the last 15 years, I’ve helped thousands of candidates land jobs at their dream companies, regardless of their circumstances.

And I launched Big Interview to bring the training and tools that I give to my clients during one-on-one coaching, to a larger group of achievers. Forbes calls it “one of the best websites for your career.”

This was the same goal we had when creating the ResumeAI feature. I wanted to increase the scale of the same 1:1 feedback I could give in coaching sessions.

You don’t need to worry about incorrect or outdated advice, the feedback ResumeAI gives is expert-approved and continuously improved to keep up with the latest standards.

And it really works. Our users find jobs 5 times faster than the national average. Instead of searching for a job for 22.6 weeks, Big Interview users land an offer in under a month.

I hope it works for your students as well. Because I've seen, time and time again, that it's possible.

What ResumeAI Helps Students With


Our READABILITY evaluator uses AI to assess spelling and grammar but also evaluates the quality of a summary statement (when applicable). This score also indicates if the student included relevant contact information and key sections of a winning resume.


ResumeAI FORMAT checker looks at the student’s choice of fonts, line spacing, margins, and overall consistency. They get detailed suggestions for how to make their resume easier to skim and more professional in the look and feel.


Our CREDIBILITY evaluator uses AI to assess credibility in terms of students’ experience and education details. Basically, it evaluates how a student describes these experiences and if the formatting is on par with today’s resume standards. We also check how well their resumes communicate their skills and competencies.

ATS fit

Our ATS FIT evaluator assesses how closely aligned the resume is to the employer’s job description. We evaluate alignment with keywords, skills, competencies, and education and experience level match.

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