Learn how to "sell" yourself in an interview
(and feel good about it)

Being able to clearly communicate what sets you apart will win you the job. But knowing how to speak about yourself confidently requires practice. The video below will give you an intro on how to pitch your qualities.

The entire 4 part self-guided interview master track — full of advice and examples — will teach you how to land the job of your dreams.

Fix the #1 mistake that's stopping people from getting more job offers

Do you know the #1 mistake people make when interviewing for a new job? They come unprepared and improvise their answers.

This often leads to:

  • Struggling to communicate their true value to the employer
  • Receiving painful rejection emails from companies
  • Hearing "We went with someone more experienced" feedback from recruiters
  • Failing to negotiate the salary they want

In other words, people compromise and settle for jobs they don’t enjoy. They give up on their career goals, feel stuck, or just do the work with zero sense of fulfilment.

Now, imagine you come prepared for the interview.
  • You anticipate the questions and prepare answers that make recruiters say ''wow''
  • You convey your value in a way that helps you stand out from other candidates
  • You confidently negotiate the salary and benefits you want
  • You learn how to play to your strengths, even if you lack relevant experience

You start turning job interviews into job offers. You're in the position to choose between many job offers and accept the one that's best for your career.

How do you get to this stage?

This is where Big Interview jumps in. Here's how:

1️⃣ Interview preparation. Actionable, step-by-step advice on how to handle any interview question from the top interview coach in the U.S.

2️⃣ Mock interview practice. We'll put you in real-life interview situations where you would have to record your answers, after which you'll get instant feedback on what to improve.

3️⃣ Resume optimization. Learn how to create a job-winning resume and get invited to the interview every single time.

The video above was just a sneak peek of what type of content you'll find inside. There's 1000+ videos and practice sets waiting for you.

Plus, you can also count on a 100% money-back guarantee. Zero-risk policy applies! If you think Big Interview is not what you were looking for, there's no need to explain. You'll get your money back immediately.

Get comfortable pitching your qualities so interviewers can clearly see why you’re the perfect fit

4 real examples of how to connect your strengths with a story

How to fit your selling points into the interview even if you’re not directly asked (and most times you won’t be)

4 tricks to feel comfortable saying nice things about yourself

Show up to the interview with the confidence that ensures a call back

Customizable practice curriculum based on your needs

50-lesson corporate mastery track to prep you for any curveball that comes your way

Guide to the 6 most common interview questions (including templates to answer them)

Perfect your answers (based on feedback) to wow your interviewer

Take a quiz to evaluate your knowledge of how to sell yourself

Mock interview to practice your answer as many times as you need to make it stick

Get feedback on your answer and share it with anyone you want to review it

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Read "how to" guides

Why do you want to work here: Learn how to answer this common interview question and prove you're the perfect fit for their company.

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Why should we hire you: Craft a strong answer to showcase your skills and how you'll contribute.

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What are your strengths: Become confident and communicate your qualities in a memorable way with the help of your article.

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Resume library: Browse 100+ jobs across 15 different industries to get inspired. Find the perfect template and build a job-winning resume.

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Video: Learn how to answer behavioral questions through engaging storytelling and STAR framework.


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